It’s Time to Build Your Home Office

If you have been wondering about what to do during these times, then a home office is perfect right now. People have been finding it a lot more convenient and able to finish their work much more quickly.

Since you are not stuck in traffic or don’t have to spend unnecessary time on other things, your work output increases tremendously.

For some ideas and recommendations, you can Google around, Pinterest seems like a good place to get some inspiration, or also try Office Home Ideas.

Considering Your Budget

You don’t necessarily have to budget a whole lot to get a comfortable workspace. Office chairs cost around $100 or so. A reasonable work desk will cost you $100 or so as well.

So bare minimum you can have a work environment for $200. However, other additions and accessories might cost you $100 – $200 extra.

If you don’t want to spend that much, you can even buy used furniture and chair from Craigslist and get some good deals or even free furniture if people are moving out or something.

Consider Sitting In Front of a Window

There is something majestic about looking out a window while you do your office work. There are times when you are not as focused, so taking some minutes to look out the window and observe your environment seems to be very relaxing. It also gives you the opportunity to imagine and wonder about how your life will improve and get better. There is something hopeful that accompanies looking out a sunny day out through a window.

Sit in a Corner or Your Back Against a Corner

When you have your back facing a door, there is a feeling of unease or as if someone is watching you. There isn’t much privacy and anyone can walk in and see what you are doing.

When you have your back against a wall or when you are sitting in a corner, it makes you feel safe and comfortable. It’s evolutionary psychology that plays into this.

Wear Your Shoes Inside Your Home

Sooner or later we might find ourselves being less and less productive with temptations just a few steps away. A nice comfy bed, or the kitchen, the TV etc can be distractions if you don’t maintain some discipline.

However, try wearing your shoes inside your home. Wash them and have them clean of course, but wearing your shoes makes you feel like you are out and about hence it gives you a feeling of needing to be productive or getting things done.

You might think pajamas and slippers don’t matter when you are working from home, but there is a psychological state that comes with wearing a suit, or outdoor clothes. You are here to get things done!