Top 5 Reasons To Learn Mongolian Before Visiting

Mongolia is such a unique country with 3 million citizens. Mongolian nature and wildlife are very impressive, but here are some essential reasons to learn Mongolian languages before traveling to Mongolia.

Learn about Mongolian culture more.

Seeing Mongolian culture and traveling will be a great experience. Any book, historical film, or documentaries can help you that much. Of course, doing research before you arrive is important, but nothing can replace the real experience and good trip.

Knowing the native language gives you more opportunity to learn and know about the native culture. In addition, you will be able to know about how people think about your own culture and tradition

Discover Mongolian history.

By learning Mongolian language, it will be easier for you to find resources and good materials that are related to Mongolian history. Almost all of Mongolian historical facts or textbooks are written in Mongolian. Even some of them are written in Mongolian Traditional script.

Moreover with the help of Mongolian language, you will be able to read a lot of fiction or nonfiction novels that are written by Mongolian authors. Some of those books contain a lot of strong and good choice of words that Mongolian younger generations find it difficult to understand. For a foreigner, learning the meanings of those words and finding those unique books are very impressive.

Be able to plan your own trip in Mongolia.

Some tourists pay more for souvenirs or taxi services because of the fact that they don’t know the native language. Those people even find themselves hard to plan their own trips and order the food that they want. Thus, learning Mongolian is very important for everyone who wants to travel and explore Mongolia.

Your knowledge about Mongolian language will help you to know more about local spots, such as ancient monasteries, or Mother Tree. By knowing them, you will not have a lot of trouble to visit there.

Know more about Mongolian folk art.

Mongolian folk art is an integral part of Mongolian culture. Folk art, such as dance, songs, and khoomei are very unique. For example, there is unique Mongolian songs or Mongolian epics which are called “ Mongol Tuuli”. Mongolian epic is one genre of poetry that has an epic and impressive meaning.

The advantage of learning Mongolian will be able to understand the meaning of Mongolian epics and enjoy the original version of art. Imagine that you are listening Mongolian epics or khoomei and understand the meaning without the help of translator. Isn’t it awesome? Also, hearing the original sound of Mongolian stringed instrument, which is Morin Khuur, would be great.

Make friends with nomads

Nowadays a lot of tourists come to Mongolia and travel to Mongolian countryside on their own. Because more than half of Mongolian citizens who live in Ulaanbaatar city speak one of English or Russian, most foreigners do not usually consider the risk of being not able to communicate with Mongolian nomads.

However, communicating with nomads and understanding them without knowing Mongolian language is really hard. Thus, learning Mongolian before planning to travel in Mongolia is very crucial step to take.

When you learn Mongolian, communicating with nomads and travelling on your own will be pretty easy. Moreover, Mongolian nomads are very hostile and they will be eager to help you, but first, you need to be able to tell them what you need.

Lastly, learning a new language can be a very good brain exercise. So good luck with learning Mongolian Language.